Friday, September 9, 2011

I Killed My First Deer

That's right! I killed my first deer and I wasn't even hunting....

I was watching for deer very closely but apparently not close enough. Maybe the only way I could have seen it is if I was wearing night vision!

I could see the damage clearly this morning.

I hear some of you asking already ... "That doesn't look like Mr. Cheap Jeep!" Wow! You are very observant. We retired the cheap jeep two weeks ago today and bought a 2000 Yukon Denali. Next question? Yes, it is insured and before long it will be back to just like new.

It was upsetting to hit it but we are all OK. In the grand scheme of things it is a very small bump in the road of life. So many friends are dealing with much worse in their lives so I hesitated to even mention on here about hitting a deer. People we love dearly are facing absolutely impossible situations and find it difficult to see any hope at times. They are desperately seeking God and often feel completely shut off from Him. The enemy of our soul is raging against the saints and their families. How dare I get all bent out of shape over hitting a deer and messing up my "new to me" truck that I've owned for 14 days.

So... I refuse to let it slap me around. 
I am determined to praise my God. 
I am determined to rejoice in the good that far outweighs the bad.
I am determined to spend less time pouting and more time encouraging somebody that deserves to pout.
I am determined to spend my prayer time interceding for my friends. 
I am determined to concentrate on things that matter for eternity and spend much less time on stuff. 

How about you? I heard one man say, "If money can fix it then it isn't really broke." 
Do you choose to believe that with me. 
Do you refuse to concentrate on the minor irritations and focus on eternal things. 
Do you refuse to get caught up in the drama of life and choose to seek God's face on behalf of others that desperately need him?
If we can do that then I think we will be much, much less stressful and we will be much, much more helpful to those around us.

End of Sermon.

Enjoy the pictures,


  1. Those crazy deer...they get me every time!

    Amen to all you said! :) Love y'all!


  2. Glad ya'll are Ok. We love yall

    Kelli Bufford!

  3. OH MY! And it isn't even deer season! Liked the sermon...


  4. Thanks, Ashlee and Bro. Riggs! Preached that one without notes...



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