Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blue Ox Base Plate

I installed the Blue Ox Base Plate on the Denali yesterday and today. The Base Plate allows me to hook up the tow bar that is attached to the BoggsMobile. I needed to get it on this week since I'm leaving the trailer in the south. If I had no way to pull the Denali then Kelly Jo would have to follow me. That would not be good. No sense putting her through it or buying the gas.

The Base Plate actually went on pretty easy considering how mechanically UN-inclined I am. I know God helped me. I had to buy a drill bit, an odd sized wrench and a small tube of red Loc-tite and still saved at least $200.

I will try it out on the short trip to Richton, Mississippi on Monday to make sure it is ready for a big jump the next Saturday. Once I hook the lights up we will be ready to roll. I'll try to get that finished next week.


  1. When you started out about a "Blue Ox Base Plate" I figgered it was a menu entree from another restaurant you had been to! BTW...How much you charge to put brakes on my work truck? LOL!


  2. I think that would be a Ox Based Blue Plate Special wouldn't it?

    I would charge you exactly what my mechanic work is worth... Very near to nothing! Haha



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