Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Tornados-Oklahoma & Joplin, Missouri

Update: Added Pictures From Joplin Tornado Damage:

Yep, that's right more tornados. While we were in church tonight there were severe storms and tornado warnings all through this area. Several small towns here in eastern Oklahoma were hit hard and Joplin, Missouri took a direct hit as well with reports of several lives lost. Many folks are injured and life will be terribly disrupted for thousands of people. Please pray for the people in Oklahoma and southwestern Missouri.

We are fine here. There are reports of damage close by but we had church and all went well. This was the last night of revival and are sad to leave. We have enjoyed ourselves so much. We travel to Tulsa in the morning and start revival tomorrow night at Hale Station. Below you will see a few more pictures of the folks from Iron Post Church.

Pray for the tornado victims.

God bless,



  1. We're so thankful you are all safe!

  2. Thank you. We are so grateful as well. So many lives were devastated just a few miles from us. My heart aches for the people in Joplin and the surrounding area.


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