Saturday, May 21, 2011

Iron Post Holiness Church

Pastor Travis Martin and Bro. Kevin Webster

We are having a great time with Pastor Travis Martin and all the folks at Iron Post Holiness Church near Locust Grove, Oklahoma this week. We started revival Monday and are planning to close Sunday night. 

We have been blessed with a great amount of visitors each night and that has been a boost to the services. Several folks from the community have visited and some of them have been in the altar. That is very encouraging. The Churches in the area have been fellowshipping too and the Cheeks from Ohio even dropped in. 

Speaking of the altar services, I am so thrilled that God has been meeting us every night in the altar. It is so amazing to watch God transform lives when folks humble themselves and pray. He is waiting for us to turn to him and acknowledge our inability to help ourselves. We have witnessed first hand again this week what God can do when we do that. 

Praise God for his amazing grace! Please continue to pray for us here and in the coming weeks. We go from here to Tulsa and then Wichita. After that we go back to Tulsa for our first Tent Revival of the year. Please pray that God will prepare hearts even now to receive Him. There is no telling what God can do!

We have also been blessed to have Sis. Mona Buzzard with us two nights. Sis. Mona is the widow of Bro. Leon Buzzard. Bro. Leon was a great preacher that had a tremendous influence on many, many people including our family. It was so good to see Sis. Buzzard. She is in the picture below with Kelly Jo.

Not much phone service here let's see if I can actually post this. 

God bless,


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