Sunday, May 29, 2011

Congratulations On Your Graduation Deidre Boggs

Update: Deidre on her big day!

Senior picture May 2011 Taken by Theresa Osborn

Deidre in 1999

Fat DD - Doctored by Steve Boggs

Deidre at my graduation May 2003

Deidre in Kentucky June 2003

Deirdre in Florida June 2008

Deidre in Nashville, Tennessee at the Aquarium Restaurant June 2008

Deidre Christmas 2010

Today Deidre Fay Boggs will graduate from Waynesville High School. For 18 years now Deidre has brightened our world. I am so proud of her! She has worked hard in high school, taking several Honors classes. She even completed her high school classes in 11th grade. Her senior year she attended college classes! So today the hard work is paying off.

I could blog for weeks with just crazy Deidre stories. I will share some of my favorites. Remember these stories are from the " Honors Student". Some of you have met Deidre in her summer travels with us, you all know she is a true blonde!

Several years ago Uncle Steve, Aunt Karen and the kids went on a family vacation to St. Louis. It was the kids first time to fly. Deidre age 6 told me " I am gonna get on the plane open the window and take a picture of the clouds. But I will be careful not to drop my camera." I think she still tries to find the window latch on plane windows!!

In 1997 our whole family went to Gatlinburg for vacation. When they pulled up to the house Uncle Steve opened the van door,Deidre exclaimed Ooooh. When asked what was wrong? She replied " I ALMOST saw a bear"!

Deidre was about 6 when there was a family garage sale at Uncle Tommy's. Deirdre answered the phone and went into garage telling Aunt Theresa there was a phone call. Theresa went to get the phone but could find it. She asked Deidre where's the phone? Deidre replied I had no where to put it so I hung it up!

Summer of 2009 Deidre was in Virginia with us. Dad was having her sing one night. He got brave and asked her to testify. Deidre said "I NEVER want to thank the Lord" Mom said Deidre try again, so she repeats herself. " I NEVER want to thank the Lord". Dad just shook her blonde curls and said, " folks this blond hair is real! Sing, Deidre"!

She want trying to say I never want to FAIL to thank the Lord. The next night Dad gave her another chance this time she said it correctly. I asked her why in the world did you start your testimony like that again? She said to prove I could get it right!

This one tops the cake as the best story! This happened the week before Mothers Day this year. Deidre drove to pick Victor up from a class. While waiting in her "locked" car for Victor her car battery went dead. Deidre frantically calls Aunt Karen, here's something like how the conversation sounded. MOM MOM MY BATTERY IS DEAD I DON'T HAVE POWER IN MY CAR. THE DOORS ARE LOCKED HOW WILL I GET OUT? Aunt Karen calmly tells her, Deidre, calm down! Look at the door see the handle? Pull that handel and your door will open! Deidre had no idea she could manually unlock the door. I don't know how Aunt Karen managed to stay calm. I was heehawing before Aunt Karen could finish telling us the story!

So today I am here in Ohio to watch my "book smart" cousin receive her diploma. I will be beaming with pride as she walks across the stage.

I was the only grandchild for nearly 7 years before Dee came along. I will never forget Christmas Day 1991 Aunt Karen told me that I was getting a cousin. I was so excited!! August 26th 1992, my world changed. We have had many fun times together. We are not only cousins but we are sisters and best friends!! Love you, Deidre!

Over the years Deidre has garnered many nicknames. Dee,DD, Derman Ed Ed, Deider, and Detroit. One night we stopped by a Church Of God in North Carolina. A lady asked Deidre her name, Deidre clearly pronounced her name. The lady said "Egypt that's a pretty name!" So Egypt has stuck around too. The Shuecraft boys in 2008 tagged her as "Dramatic Deidre" that is very appropriate for her.

Yesterday was Deidre's Open House. We had a great time celebrating. I will do picture recap when I get back to my Laptop on the BoggsMobile.



  1. Congratulations, Deidre! We love you very much!
    Davy & Kelly Jo

  2. Congratulations to Deidre! She has grown up to be a beautiful young lady, it's a good thing she got all her looks from Karen! Doesn't seem she should be old enough to graduate already!


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