Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wrecked Prevost

This is one of the reasons we ask you to pray for us on the road on a regular basis. 

We pulled into the Prevost shop in Ft. Worth Wednesday evening and this is one of the first buses I saw. My heart sank when I saw the front... 

Then my pulse went through the roof when I saw the back...

This could happen so easy. It looks like somebody pulled or swerved in front of him or stopped too quick and he ALMOST stopped in time.  Evidently whatever was following him ALMOST stopped in time as well. 

Yesterday within 15 miles of here in Dallas a gravel truck pulled into the Hwy in front of me. It was a construction zone and I was driving slow but I stood on the brakes to get stopped. 

I thought I was going to eat the back of that trailer and the truth is he probably didn't even know I was back there. He made an easy mistake to make and never realized it.  While I was trying to get stopped or swerve or whatever I was also wondering what was trying to get stopped behind me. 

So pulling in last night, I was thinking, "That could have been us!" Thank God he helped us yesterday and does help us every time we travel. 

Again, that's one of the reasons why I say so often, please pray for us on a regular basis. 

They are working on my front brakes today. I will probably post pictures tomorrow. 

God bless you all and PLEASE PRAY FOR US!  


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