Sunday, January 16, 2011

Revival in Miami, Oklahoma

We start revival tonight in Miami, Oklahoma with Bro. Mike and Sis. Ruth Stephens.  We are so excited to be back here again this year and we are looking forward to God moving in the services.  We had a real special time in Miami last year and we were just getting good and acquainted with these folks when it was time to move on.  We are expecting more good revival services and folks experiencing God this week.

I really believe revival is imperative in these last critical hours.  We must have revival.  We must have a move of God in our personal lives, our families and in our churches.  We can not afford to be complacent as the world falls apart all around us.  Folks we know are going to hell.  They are bound by sin and cannot break the chains themselves.  We must prepare ourselves to meet with God and we must seek God's presence so that those around us will be drawn to God as well.  We must lift up Christ in our lives and He will draw others to Him.  We must have a move of God's Spirit. Revival is Imperative!

Revival is not only absolutely necessary but it is absolutely possible!  Friends, I believe that this kind of revival is within our reach.  God is able and willing to pour out His Spirit in these last days!  God promised that He would do it and He is not a liar.  I know that there must be a great falling away, but that doesn't mean that we have to be a part of it!  The church does not have to falter.  Christians do not have to live cold, uninspired lives.  We do not have to settle for memories of revival and testimonies of God's goodness in times past.  God is just as real today as He has ever been.  We can be just as saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled as the Apostles were.

Let's seek revival.  Let's repent of our sins.  Let's seek God's face.  Let's ask God to save the lost, bind up the brokenhearted, heal the sick and bring victory to the defeated.  Let's shake off complacency and ask God to fill us with hunger for righteousness.  I believe God will answer sincere prayers like that and give us revival in these last days.  While others fall away let's strive to be closer to God. 

Pray for us that we will be an instrument of revival in every church we have opportunity to sing and preach in. That really is our desire.  There is no other valid reason for us to do what we do.

God bless you all.

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