Friday, January 21, 2011

January Birthdays

In our family January is full of birthdays. I hope all of you had wonderful birthdays!! May God bless you with a great year!

January 3rd- Lucas Osborn
January 8th- Brooklynn Coffman
January 12th- Betty Morgan " Gran"
January 14th- Jeanna Morgan
January 16th- Davy "Dad" Love you, Daddy!
January 21st- Danny Morgan Jr. Happy 40th!!!

That wraps up the family birthdays. Many of our friends have had birthdays this month also, there are to many to name here! Happy Birthday to everyone!

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  1. Happy (late) birthday Bro. Davy!

  2. Happy late birthday! Bro.Davy
    Love and prayers the Isaacs

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Odie mentioned somebody turning 16 and getting their drivers license and it set me to thinking. Although 16 seems like just a few days ago the fact is at 44 I am closer to 70 than I am 16! Wow!


  4. Happy MUCH be-lated birthday Bro. Davy!!! We sure do miss our favorite "OLDER" evangelist family in South Georgia. Maybe Tony can book you for a tent revival since we are no longer pastoring, LOL!!! We love you guys and pray for you daily! Keep on keeping on!
    Walkers_4! :)


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