Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Homecoming Revival in Pine Prairie, Louisiana

In the last post I mentioned that sometimes the services where it seems God comes so close to us "seem" few and far between. Really there is no reason on God's part that it must be that way. The first three services at Pine Prairie Christian Tabernacle have been proof of that. The Homecoming on Sunday and the services the following two nights have been especially good. Folks have been responding to the singing, testifying and preaching. They have obviously prepared themselves for revival by much prayer and fasting and therefore God is honoring that by drawing us to Him. Praise God for that.

When we as a church get hungry for more of God, I mean really hungry for deeper experiences, God will satisfy that longing in our soul. When we are burdened for lost souls then God will begin to bring them in. When we are genuinely concerned for hurting people then God will bring those people to us and equip us to love them and help them. That is a huge part of revival!

I saw that desire last week in Pastor Jon Issacs and the Zoar church. I see it this week in Pastor Barry Gautreaux and the folks here. That is very exciting. It is an indicator of good things to come because you can count on God to keep His word. God will bring revival to His people in these critical hours if we hunger and thirst after revival. He will save the lost. He will bind up the broken hearted. He will deliver those that are bound. He will bring victory to those that are defeated. Hallelujah!

Can you tell I'm excited about revival? I sure am! I live to see God's people move toward Him because I know He will respond by moving toward us. I am looking for great things this week and next and all year long.

I've posted some pictures below of some the folks here in their newly remodled sanctuary and just a few of the Homecoming meal on Sunday. They have also completed a lot of work outside as well. I will try to take and post some of the outside later.

God bless you as you hunger for revival.



  1. We have really been having revival at our church lately and praise God for it! Praying for you guys!

  2. OK...I thought we were doing real good...It has been 8 posts since you posted any pictures of FOOD....! Oh well! Glad the Boggs' year is beginning good. (With good food!!!!!)
    Please keep Tab and Anson in your prayers. They will be taking a mission trip to Panama at the end of January. Kinda a sudden thing but they were asked to go via Brother Chuck Akers. They are traveling in this weekend for a couple of itinerary services at JHPC and CPT and from here...???
    Happy New Year and God Bless!

  3. That is so funny Bro. Ray. I can not visit Louisiana and neglect to mention all the wonderful Cajun food. That would seem ungrateful. Lol


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