Friday, January 7, 2011

John Boggs Revolutionary War

This was posted on a private Boggs Family site that I like to read when I can. I found this very interesting.

John Boggs (1759 DE-1847 KY) Revolutionary War Uniform

Description: Revolutionary War uniform of John Boggs who settled in Madison County, Ky no later than 1791.   The uniform pants (originally a gold color) and coat (originally a deep rust color) are of wool.   On public display at the Irvinton Museum on Lancaster Ave. adjacent to the Eastern Kentucky University campus, Richmond, Kentucky.   The construction of the pants and coat allowed the wearer to comfortably ride a horse.   It is estimated that John Boggs was of slender build about 5'3" or so.   The uniform was handed down through the family (son Benjamin Boggs, to his nephew Robert Boggs Turley, to his daughter Anna Turley Noland, to her son Turley Noland.)   The uniform was donated to the Eastern Kentucky University library about 1977 and believed to be one of only two uniforms in USA.   It was then given to the Richmond Tourist Bureau when EKU dispersed it's collection about 10 years ago.   The uniform is housed in a museum quality glass case in constant humidity and to protect it from UV light.

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