Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas 2010 Recap

I know this post is long over due, please forgive me! Most of 2011 we have been in Louisiana and I did not have cell signal or wifi so that I could blog.

As I said before we had a great Christmas!!!! It was so good to be with our family! Christmas Eve we were with the Morgan side of the family. Christmas Day the Boggs family gathered at the Dodds fellowship hall. As always we enjoyed lots of food, laughter and fellowship at both Christmas gatherings!

Here is pictorial review of our Christmas.

Pictures 1-13 is Christmas Eve at the Morgans

Pictures 14-31 is Christmas Day with the Boggs
1.Kelly Jo & Odie
2. Uncle Danny-practicing is balancing act
3 Gran & Seth
4. Courtney Odie & Kayla
5.Kim Danny & Jeanna
6. Hunter
7. Kayla Odie & Gran–opening gifts
8.Hunter Jeanna & Danny–looking at Hunter’s Scrapbook 9.Odie
10.Kayla Jo & Odie
12 Seth–showing off his new Buzz
13.Odie & Papaaw
14.Lisa made each of us Boggs kids a stocking, she is so thoughtful and creative! Lisa is a cousin from the Isaacs side of the family, but she is an adopted Boggs.

A note of interest: The Boggs grandchildren in order are: Andrea, Deidre, Victor Isaac, Lauren Jonas and Lucas. If you take the first five initials it spells ADVIL. We jokingly say Mamaw and Papaw need an “ADVIL” to put up with Jonas and Luke. LOL

16.Papaw & Theresa
17. Brooklyn Odie & Jacqueline–It’s not a Boggs Christmas until the Coffman girl show up!
19.Dramatic Deidre
20. Mamaw Odie & Papaw 21.Mamaw Odie & Lisa.
22.Lauren Mamaw Odie & Deidre 23.Odie Lauren & Deidre–We love our “Baby Lauren.” Thanks, Theresa, for the pic!!!
24.Uncle Steve & Odie
25.Holly Karen Mamaw Kelly & Jay–Mamaw wanted a pic with he Daughter-n-Laws, Jay jumped in there with them.
26.Mamaw with her Daughter-n-Laws
27. Kelly Odie & Davy–It is rare we get a snapshot of our family. 28.Jonas & Lucas
29.Thersa & Odie–This pic was taken after a GREAT fall while trying to pose for a pic. It was SO FUNNY!!!!
30.Jay & Theresa
31.Tommy & Holly

Well, there you have Christmas 2010. I get emotional and sappy when I think of my family! I am truly blessed beyond measure! I love each of you so very much!!!!


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