Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family Fun Times

I promise only one more post mentioning Christmas 2010. Christmas Sunday morning I was in church with most of my Boggs Family. When that rare occasion happens I like to get pics.

Wednesday night before Christmas I was in church with the Morgan crew. Once again I wanted pics.

1. Back row Victor Jonas Luke & Isaac
Front row Lauren Papaw Mamaw Odie & Deidre
2. Deidre Odie & Lauren
3. Papaw
4. Isaac
5. Hunter Papaw Odie Seth Kayla Morgan Gran Wade & Courtney
6. Courtney Odie Morgan & Kayla
7. Morgan Seth Kim & Wade
8. Odie & Kim


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  1. Thank Sis. Amy! It was not planned! Just Christmas services so we were festive.


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