Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This is a post without pics. I have a praise report. Monday morning I woke up to my back hurting. I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder area. It bothered me all Monday and Tuesday. When I pull a muscle it affects my whole mobility. In fact most of Tuesday afternoon I spent in the bed with heat on my injury.

Tuesday night Dad preached a great faith building message! The whole sermon I was in horrible pain. Only my parents knew I had been suffering this pain.

In the altar service Sis. Judy King came to me and said God told her to pray for me. I then told I needed an immediate touch. She began praying and I felt the pain and tension leave right then. I praise God for hearing our prayers!!! God is so good! The area is still much better. It is a little tender, it feels a bit like a sunburn.

I know this is somewhat of a small thing. I am so grateful I serve a God of miracles. He cares about His children! My heart is encouraged!

My friend take courage God is mindful of you today! He knows your needs! He is the God of impossibilities! So reach out in faith, believing He is well able to move in your situation. Today may be your day for miracle!


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  1. Priase God for the small things He does! They are big in our eyes but in God's eyes they are so small. Nothing is too hard for Him!

  2. Such a small thing to His hand but such a large thing to His heart!

  3. Odie GOD is still the healer. Praise the Lord HE is a just on time GOD. Praise the Lord again for His great faithfulness in our time of need.
    love you girl,

  4. Thanks, Mary! Love you too! See you soon!


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