Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chicken Pox Christmas

With Christmas so close I always remember the memories of Christmas' past. This year maybe I can share them with you.

Christmas 2005 is a memory that is engraved in my mind. First I must rewind a couple weeks. We went to a church for revival where several of the children had Chicken Pox. Also this is an important fact to remember: Dad nor I had never had Chicken Pox before.

We left that revival drove overnight and boarded a plane for Mexico. I prayed the whole week that I would not break out while there! I remember inspecting every mysterious bump I had that week.

On Monday before Christmas we made it back to Ohio. I was so happy to be home for the holidays! All day Tuesday I was in bed. The trip to Mexico wore me out, or so I thought.

Wednesday was laundry day. My parents had been trying to encourage me to work through sickness. I was trying to help Mom with the laundry but I felt horrible.

At this point we were the only two in the laundry mat. Mom looked at my face and then my back and realized I was breaking out with Chicken Pox. All I could do was cry!

Yes at 20 years old I had Chicken Pox for the first and I pray last time. They are hard on an old person! I broke out for three days. I spent a total of nine days stuck in our trailer before I was completely scabbed over. It was a miserable Christmas!!

Dad tried his best to stay far away from me. He survived without getting them. Its a miracle! He was exposed when I was and then again when I had them. He didn't hug me for three weeks! LOL

Thanks again to the few brave family members who visited me! Deidre and I played Scrabble untill we were sick of it. Some family members were scared of my house. I really don't blame them!

I am glad that is passed! That year the Grinch didn't steal Christmas. It was that mean chicken.


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  1. Lol! I've never had chicken pox before either. We'll probably be seeing y'all tomorrow night!


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