Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back in the Studio

Monday we were back in the studio for the beginning of the mixing phase for our new project. We were at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville. Mark Capps is doing the mix and he is a genius in the studio. (He has Four Grammys to prove it.) He is also a very nice guy and really put us at ease. He has worked with some of the best talent in the world but he treated us the same as he would anybody. We had a super day and it was great to meet and work with Mark Capps. I appreciate real people!

Mark Capps & Odie

We have had some hiccups in the process the last few weeks. Plus we had to work around everybody's Christmas schedule. That means we were only able to be there one day of what will be a three day mix. Mark is working on it today and tomorrow so that should bring us back on schedule. It is sounding good to us (The miracle of modern technology) and we are excited for everybody to hear it.

We had to leave late last night and now we are set up to begin revival tonight in south Alabama at Zoar Holiness Church. Bro. Jon Isaacs is the pastor here and we are looking forward to see what God is going to do for His people. Please pray for us.

More pictures below. God bless.

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