Friday, December 3, 2010

Gainesville, TX to Bond, KY

Tonight is the last scheduled night of revival at House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas.  We have had good services and great fellowship with Bro. and Sis. Logan and all the folks this week.  I haven't been taking very many pictures but I did get a few last night...

                          Bro. Jim

                        Debra & Odie

                       Pastor Logan & Kelly Jo

                    Bro. Dennis

After the last Amen tonight we will load up, crank the engine and point the BoggsMobile toward Bond, Kentucky.  We plan to drive as far as we can overnight, pull over and sleep a few hours and drive some more.  It is nearly 1000 miles to Bond but if you say it fast it doesn't seem that far.....

Pray for us when you roll over in the bed tonight!



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