Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bond Kentucky

We are having a great time this week in Bond, Kentucky! It is so good to be with our friends. We first came to campmeeting at Bond in September 1988. The people here quickly became our dear friends.

Bond Holiness Church is like our home away from home. Pastor John and Sis. Ann Gabbard have always welcomed us with open arms! We love them so much!!

The pics above are of some the people we look forward to seeing at Bond.
1 Courtney Gabbard & Kelly Jo
2 Brittany Gabbard & Kelly Jo
3 Odie & Marthanna


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  1. Can't wait to see y'all tonight!!

  2. Odie I am a little depressed here I don't see my picture anywhere posted at all. LOL

  3. Ashlee, see you soon! We've been looking for you.
    Mary, I need to take your picture tonight.

  4. Well, I done what you said to NOT do last night! I paid for 3 of your CD's (one was the new one coming next year) and forgot to take them! We got almost to London and I remembered that I had forgot to get them. Ha! I gave my money to Odie and wrote my name and address on the pre-order list and then left without getting the other cd's I paid for. I'm going crazy! I think I was just frazzled (is that a word?) because of how Trinity acted during your preaching. By the way I am so, so, so sorry for that. She never cries like that. I have no idea what was wrong with her. I know EVERYONE heard her. Anyways, I was wondering if y'all could e-mail me and I'll tell you which cd's I bought and give you my address so you could maybe send them to me. I'll pay for whatever the shipping costs. I am so sorry for this trouble. Like I said, I am going crazy!

  5. Does anyone have directions on how to get to bobd holiness church? Starting from London kentucky?


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