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On The Road Again - Newsletter - September 25, 2010

It is time for our Newsletter again. Below you will find our September 25, 2010 On The Road Again Newsletter that Odie called, "California Catch Up"

Published by Odie Podie Music
Volume 8 Issue 4
September 25th, 2010

Boggs Family Ministries
P.O. Box 28
Waynesville, OH 45068

Odie's View From The Back
I want to start off by telling you something exciting we have coming up. Friday night October 15th, 2010 we are planning to record a live CD. It is set to take place in Riverdale, California at Riverdale Assembly.
We have the privilege to work with some talented folks on this project. Bro. Chuck Spencer will be handling the responsibility of recording and playing the drums. Bro. Dale Spencer will be playing bass for us. Mom is going to play the piano for this one. She is very apprehensive but I know she will do an excellent job!!! Others will be involved too. We are not completely sure of every detail yet. Stay tuned to www.boggsblogs.com for all the latest information.
Recording live is a whole new adventure for our family. We are very excited and very nervous so we covet your prayers on this matter!!
Some of our friends from across the country are planning to join us that night. We would love to have all of you there!!! If you would like information about nearest airports and hotels give us a call!
Now let me catch you up on all the happenings since the last time we wrote. I enjoyed visiting with my family in Ohio tremendously! Many events of those weeks I will not soon forget. Thanks to all of you for putting up with me hanging around!
Being home gave me a chance to be at my home church a little more. We have an awesome Pastor, Bro. Bennie Sutherland, and church family at Dryden Road!!
Mom and Dad enjoyed finishing their stay in Montana and making the drive to California. Our family was reunited August 17th for Dryden Road meeting
God visited us with His Spirit at campmeeting. It was a wonderful meeting! Bro. Dwain Galiher and Bro. Kevin Webster both delivered messages from Heaven!!!
After campmeeting it was time to get in the saddle again. We visited Pastor Randy Brown and congregation in Sharonville, Ohio. It was a great faith building service.
It was also good to be with Pastor Lloyd and Dodds Pentecostal Church for Homecoming 2010.
Next we all took wings and flew to California. It was so good to see the BoggsMobile and my little bunk that I call home...
Our fall revivals started at Amazing Grace Tabernacle in Atwater, California. Pastor Jared Burris and the church have been our friends for a long time! It is always encouraging to see your friends being revived! God definitely smiled on us with a Holy Ghost visitation!
From Atwater we journeyed to Fresno, California. The folks at Souls Harbor Holiness church befriended us on our first California trip in 1992. The Lord has brought Pastor Anthony Munoz and congregation a long way in 18 years! Pastor Munoz has had a health battle but we serve a faithful God and he is doing well. It was great to be in revival with them and behold God’s blessings.
We were also invited by Riverdale Christian Academy to preach a school revival. RCA is an awesome Christian school! In revival we were challenged to surrender all to God. And we were reminded of the need of His power in our lives. Because we were placed here “For such a time as this.” It was great to see students and staff alike surrendering to God and seeking more of Him!!
It had been awhile since we were with our friends at Gospel Defenders in Merced, California. Pastor Johnny Hilton and everyone welcomed us with open arms. It was so good to be with them again.
We were able to be in some of the fellowship meeting at Victory Holiness Church in Hanford, California. We enjoyed being with many of our friends there.
Pastor Doug Spencer invited us to be in service with them at Avenal Assembly in Avenal, California. We had a wonderful service there. Dad has yet to preach at Avenal . They won’t let us past the singing! We sure enjoyed the presence of the Lord and the great fellowship.
Well, I hear the engine starting so I better go ‘cause we’re On the Road Again.


  1. I sure would love to be there for the live recording. Leave your phone, Bro. Davy. I'll call you during the service like you have done to me in the past. We will be praying for you all up to and during that event. God bless my dear friends.

  2. Thanks my friend. I wish you were going to be there as well. We certainly need God to help us.

  3. Hey Brother Davy, it's Sister Laura Meyers and I would like to leave a prayer request for you and everyone who may read this. We found out last week that my mother has cancer in her pancreas and in her liver. The doctors haven't painted us a very pretty picture. We ask that you please remember my dad and all of us in your prayers that we would have the strength to face what we know is coming if God doesn't give us a miracle. Thank you so much.

  4. We sure will be praying. We love your mom & dad very much.


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