Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Boy in California!

Everybody knows that when we are close to home we start looking for a Frisch's Big Boy. It is one of those hometown things that you can't explain to somebody from the "outside." It is probably not the greatest food in the world but it's OUR food. It's where families and young folks went to eat after church all of our lives. You know what I mean?

We were almost to Morro Bay the other day when we saw a Big Boy billboard just as pretty as you please. It was for Bob's Big Boy! Years ago there were Big Boy franchises by several different names. Frisch's, Shoney's, Kip's and Bob's are just a few of the many names Big Boy flew under.

Most dropped the Big Boy banner over the years but evidently Bob's Big Boy has been going strong in southern California and opened this store in Morro Bay last year. We had to try it out.

We had been to Kip's 20 years ago in Texas so we knew that some places put thousand island on the Big Boy sandwich in place of tartar sauce so we asked about that. They actually make it three different ways here. This is what they called each style of Big Boy.
1. Ohio style: Tartar Sauce
2. Michigan style: Thousand Island
3. California style: Red Relish & Mayo

KJ & Odie had the Ohio style of course but I stepped out on the wild side and ordered it California style. It was actually quite good. The salad bar was similar, the fries were crispier with a little of the potato skin left on them and they did not have crushed ice which is mandatory for Frisch's. Also the Big Boy outside didn't have tartar sauce dripping off the hamburger and his shoes were turquoise instead of black and white.

One other thing that my brother Steve and his family will be glad to know. Odie ordered vanilla Coke and the waitress said, "Would vanilla Pepsi be ok?". A Big Boy with Pepsi products? Wow! Now that is different!

We enjoyed our visit and the food. It really made us anxious to get back home!

That's the food report for the day.



  1. What a fantastic blog. I honestly cannot remember a week slipping by without having Frisch's. In saying that though, if I had to drink a Pepsi in order to enjoy the benefits of a BigBoy, I....well...ewww, that's something I don't want to think about. An "Ohio style" BigBoy and a Coke over crushed ice…as Jonas would say, "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

  2. I drink water anyway so it makes no difference to me but "vanilla Pepsi" sure sounded weird. I was looking forward to crushed ice though. Thanks for the comment.


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