Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Atwater Friends


Its Odie checking in from Atwater, California again. Revival continues to be great. The Lord has met us in every service. We have one more night and I'm anxious to see what God will do.

God has His hand on this Church! We are expecting great things to happen. Please keep them in your prayers!!!!!

I thought I would show you a few pics of our friends here at Amazing Grace. The Burris family has grown since our last visit to California. Grant and Blake are both 18 months old. They each know how to melt my heart. Grant is a clown and Blake is a sweetheart.

This church has a crew of kids. I love it!!!!!! I have a train of kids following me around the church.

Cool adults do go to church here too Lol!!! Pics of them are on my camera.

1-3 Grant
4. Savannah Blake Clayton & Constance
5. Blake
6. Kelly & Friends
7. Constance Odie & Little Jared
8. Gunner & James


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