Thursday, September 23, 2010

More About Raisins!

A little more about Raisins if you please. Yesterday we stopped at the Sun-Maid factory store. It is a fascinating place. We learned a bunch about their history and the making of Raisins. The pictures are of the boxes of Sun-Maid raisins through the years and the worlds largest raisin box which is displayed outside. It is twelve foot tall and held 16,500 pounds of raisins when it was built.

We read in a brochure that the grapes lay in the sun two to three weeks before they are rolled into bundles. They remain in the bundles several more days before they are taken out of the field to the processing plant. They said that four pounds of fresh grapes yield about one pound of raisins.

We also read that 95% of the raisins produced in California are made from Thompson seedless grapes grown in the San Joaquin Valley. All I have to do is look around at all the fields of grapes and I believe it.

We also bought some different varieties of dried fruit that they produce in the plant. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Yogurt Raisins. Wow! Those are good! Well, so much for raisins. I think I'll have another handful.


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