Sunday, September 12, 2010

Monterey, California

Today (Saturday) we rode over to the coast with Pastor Anthony, Sis. Rose, Bro. Tito and Sis. Robin. We spent most of the time on the wharf in Monterey enjoying good food, beautiful sunshine and lots of laughs! Here we are enjoying our first meal of the day on the way over in Los Banos at Denny's.

We ate, walked around, ate, laughed, ate, took a boat ride, ate, drove down by the ocean, ate and generally had a tremendous time.

Here's a picture of Sis. Rose during our second meal. She is eating a wonderful Italian dish. It was so good!

We took a 30 minute ride on a boat to see the Sea Lions, Sea Otters and thousands of Jellyfish. As we walked down to the boat they really cautioned us to watch our heads on the low beam before boarding the boat. Kelly Jo looked every where for the low beam but she never did find it!

Here's the glass bottom boat we sailed on...

Next we found great seafood restaurant right there on the wharf for our third meal of the day. Love that fresh seafood!

Then we drove the 17 mile road that leads through the Pebble Beach Community. It was a gorgeous drive with plenty of ocean views and nice big gated houses.

We headed back to Fresno but not without out another stop in Los Banos at Carl's Jr for our last meal of the day. Well, that is if you don't count the ice cream cones from Dairy Queen right before we arrived back home! I forgot to take pictures of those two so you will have to take my word for it... lol

It was a great day with the Munoz clan! Hope you had a great Saturday as well. God Bless you all.



  1. That area looks gorgeous! I'm seriously ready to jump aboard the Boggs Mobile and travel with y'all for a few months. Think it could handle me and the kiddos? :)
    And all the eating? Wow. I'd be in heaven! LOL.

  2. Ashlee,
    You know y'all are welcome anytime as long as you don't get tired of my preaching! You must learn to say "amen" in all the appropriate places. Lol

  3. There was Mountain Lion.... now here's a Sea Lion....there's an idea!


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