Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glacier National Park From Odie

Hey everyone Dad told you of our exciting day last Friday. We had a great time with Bro. Mike, Sis. Debbie and Leah Metzger! Dad gave you a good report of the days events. We made memories that day that will last a lifetime!!

Here are a few of the shots I caught with my phone. My big Canon camera was in the shop. My warranty is about to expire so I sent it off for some maintenance work. I sure have missed it. I feel like a piece of me is missing!!!!!

I did manage to get some good pics with my BlackBerry. I had a rough time narrowing it down. Enjoy!!!!!

Glacier National Park is an awesome place. The beauty of God's creation is beyond words.


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  1. Ok, first of all those pictures are awesome.
    Second of all, looking at the snow makes me have chills and appreciate the 100 degree weather we're having in KY.

    Thirdly, is it just me or has Davy lost a lot of weight? WOW!

  2. Ashlee,
    It was 50 last night, gonna be 92 today and then 52 overnight! The weather is awesome.

    As for your third point, Sis. Ashlee, you are in serious need of an eye doctor! Thanks though, you always were one of my favorites. Now I know why!

  3. Ha ha!! Have you lost weight, though? For real, you look like you have.


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