Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday Lunch at the Metzger's

Sunday Lunch at the Metzger's.

Sis. Metzger prepared a great wild game lunch for us today and it was tremendous. In the past we have had Black Bear, Buffalo, Deer and Elk on several occasions at their house and it has all been very good. Today was just a tad bit more exotic.

Can you guess the wild game on the table from the picture above? Here is a close up of one of the meats below. Any Guesses? Looks like pork doesn't it? In fact it looks and tastes so much like pork that I would not have known the difference if they had not told me.

Anybody want to venture a guess?

Any ideas?

Are you ready for this?

Here you go....

Yep, that's Mountain Lion on that plate and it was very very good! Sooooooooo Very Good!

The other meat?

The other meat Sis. Metzger prepared was Caribou. She cooked it in a crock pot with mushrooms and onions and was so tender and good!

Great Friends! Great Food! Great Fun! Doesn't get any better than that!


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  1. My FIL would be in heaven. I would probably pick up a pizza from Papa John's. :)


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