Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Pictures of Montana Scenery

Here are a few more pictures taken on our drives in Montana.

Sunrise just north of the town of East Glacier Park on the crooked Hwy 49

A foggy and gorgeous morning at Many Glacier in Glacier National park. There are Grizzly spotted regularly in this area but not by us!

Yes, Ashlee, we are bundled up and cold on July 27th!

Next nine Pictures - Taken on the Going to the Sun Rd. in Glacier National Park. The Park was prettier than we have ever seen it! It was foggy on the East side and as we crossed Logan Pass which is on the Continental Divide the clouds began to roll back to reveal the dazzling sunshine on the West side.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is in Missoula. These are the people responsible for reintroducing Elk in Kentucky and several other states the last 25 years. This is an awesome place!

The most awesome mount! It is just inside the front door of the visitors center.

Kelly Jo said this must be the rainbow capitol of the world. I lost track of how many rainbows we saw that day including at least two double rainbows.


  1. Gorgeous! Keep sending the cold-looking pictures so I'll appreciate the 95 degree weather here. :)

  2. The great thing about this time of year in Montana is that it might be 80-90s in the day with low humidity then 50s or even 40s at night! Now that is awesome! Of course, I am sure the winters are too brutal for me....


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