Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pastor Appreciation

Sunday was Pastor Appreciation Day at Sun Valley Church and it proved to be a great day! The church honored Pastor Michael Metzger, Sis Debbie and their seven wonderful children, Rachel, Christiana, Peter, Leah, Hannah, Abby and Jessica.

The Metger's served as Missionaries in Sierra Leone, West Africa for 7 years before coming to Montana to pioneer this church 15 years ago. Their labor of love has brought forth much fruit and they are well loved by their congregation. It was a joy to be there and take part in the celebration for this man of God and his precious family.

(I failed to take a picture of Bro. and Sis. Metzger on Sunday. This one was taken a month ago at Sis. Leah's Graduation service.)

The children singing for their Pastor.

Sis. Sarah cracking us up with her heartfelt and hilarious tribute.

The youth choir singing the Sun Valley Church version of "Thank You For Giving to The Lord"

Shaking Hands and Hugging necks and telling them how much we love them...

What is a celebration without cake?

Pastor Metzger visiting while we were waiting on the food.