Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bro. Chet Meredith

These are pictures of our dear friends the Meredith family on May
10th &11th 2010 in Central City, KY. They came to visit us in revival
that week and as always they were a bright spot in the revival. Their
singing, encouraging words and beautiful smiles have blessed us in
many revivals, camps and special meetings in Kentucky and Indiana the
last several years.

These two nights will always be especially dear to us though. We
had no way of knowing that this would be the last time we would get to
see Bro. Chet this side of glory. Thursday night Bro. Chet passed away
suddenly. For him it was the day he had been anticipating many years
but for his dear wife and precious daughters it is the biggest
challenge they have ever faced.

Please pray for Sis. Beverly, Sis. Beth and Sis. Rachel over the
next few days and weeks. God has helped to this point and they need
that continued help and strength.

As for Bro. Chet, it won't be long Brother and we will see you


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  1. His funeral was a wonderful time of worship. The Lord came down in a very special way. We are going to miss Bro. Meredith.


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