Friday, June 9, 2023

Good Samaritan Youth Camp In Pictures

The Good Samaritan Youth Camp is held at a rented facility each year in Pineville, Louisiana.

The camp is Rocky Creek Nazarene Camp. 

It is a pretty nice place with air conditioned facilities including the tabernacle, kitchen, dooms and hotel rooms.

The first thing we did Monday morning was roll our equipment to the tabernacle and set up our sound. It is not the easiest building for sound, but we got it dialed in and it sounded pretty good all week.

The camp is set up a little differently than most that we have been a part of. They do not schedule a day speaker, but preachers attending camp preach each morning. 

We have heard from Ozark Bible Insitute preachers, staff members, young campers and adult campers. In fact, Thursday we heard from two preachers that were both saved in this camp in 2011. One was saved on Tuesday night and the other was saved the next day.

They serve three meals each day and concessions after night service. They have lots of activities and games during the day and the camp seems to run smoothly. I have enjoyed preaching to the young folks and all the people attending the night services.

The response to the preaching Thursday night was nothing short of amazing. The Lord helped us all and I am so thankful. Hallelujah!

We appreciate Pastor Jerry Arnold inviting us to preach the camp. It has been our happy privilege to be here. I hope you enjoy the Good Samaritan Youth Camp in Pictures.

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