Friday, June 2, 2023

A Few Pictures and A Skunk!

The weather this week was perfect for travel. Hallelujah! We had a short rain shower Thursday evening, but we already had our 1000 miles behind us by then.

Saturday morning we will be having the funeral for Pastor Dennis King at the House of Prayer in Gainesville. Please pray for Sis. King, the church and for me. I am trusting God to help me speak His Word and bring comfort and peace. Thank you.

We have a few pictures from our travel week to share with you but first, we have a couple of pictures left over from Sunday night in West Harrison, Indiana.

A Few Pictures and A Skunk!
Since we had nearly 1000 miles to travel from home to Gainesville, Texas, we rolled our wheels a few hours after the Birthday and Anniversary festivities were mostly over Monday evening. I rested a few minutes in the bus and then we hit it strong for an hour or so and soon we were ready to go.

Traffic was good including Cincinnati and Louisville and we had no problem making it to the Horse Cave, Kentucky Rest Area on southbound I-65. It was 211 miles and it took us 3 hours and 35 minutes.

Tuesday we drove 396 miles in about 6.5 hours with very little traffic. It was kind of slow for a bit in Nashville, but much better than it can be. The rest of the day was nearly perfect and we spent the night at a rest area near Hazen, Arkansas.

Tuesday evening I realized we were within 400 miles of our destination and I began to hope we could make it Wednesday evening rather than the projected Thursday. The 211 miles Monday evening and the great day Tuesday really helped. We were way ahead of schedule. Yay!

My high hopes were dashed after the delays we experienced on I-30.

My body was done and my nerves were shot by the time I pulled into a small roadside picnic area near Blossom, Texas. We were over 120 miles from Gainesville and I was finished for the day.

I did not know if we could park there for the night, but I figured I could get some rest during the day and that is exactly what I did. I curled up on the couch and stayed there for quite a while. I did not sleep much, but I rested well. By 6:15 PM I was thinking about finishing the trip.

30 minutes later we were ready to ride.

We made it to the Quick Trip Truck Stop in Gainesville a few minutes after 9:00 PM and we were pulling behind the church shortly after 9:30. Now for the hilarious story I promised you yesterday.

The bus was behind the church, but not yet in its parking position. I was visiting with Sis. Judy King for a moment when I spied a skunk waddling along behind the building.

Sis. Judy wisely left, but we were stuck. I could not back the bus out of the way without removing the car and the skunk was too close to the car for me to unhook it from the bus.

We gave him plenty of space, but we needed to pull the bus forward about 20-25 feet. While waiting him out, he decided to park under the edge of the bus. Can you see him?

The bus was running and the engine and generator exhaust was hitting the ground right near him. I could not believe he was not disturbed by the noise and vibration of the big engine.

He stayed in that exact position for at least 10+ minutes without moving. He first crawled there at 9:40 and we could not move the bus and shut down until after 10:00. 

Eventually, he went under the bus and must have turned and exited under the back of the car. He did not go out the other side and did not walk to the front.   

I usually put an oil-catching pan under the engine when parked on church lots, but I did not go back there at all. I reckon I can clean up any oil drops!😍

Including the 4 hours we were resting at the picnic area, we had been on the road 13 hours when the skunk invaded the last few minutes of our day. What a hilarious ending to a long and taxing day.

Thursday it was safe to unhook the car.

We ate lunch at our favorite area restaurant. I am sure you will see more pictures from there.

Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan drove down to eat with us Thursday. It was a sacrifice for them to do it and we appreciate their effort. They are dear friends and they keep proving it over and over. Thank you, friends.

That wraps up a week of travel. Thank you for joining us today.


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