Saturday, June 3, 2023

Bro. Dennis King

Hey Friends,

It is Odie checking with you from Gainesville, Texas. The BoggsMobile has been on the move since Monday evening. I am glad to be on the road again for a while.

Today we will be saying goodbye to a dear friend. Please pray for Dad as he preaches at the funeral this morning!

Bro Dennis King left this life for Heaven last week. It was a surprise to his family and friends. We will miss our excellent friend!

I keep having to remind myself that God knows all things! None of this took God by surprise. Bro. Dennis is home. He is free of pain, sorrow and grief. He is in the land that he dreamed of going for so long. His troubles and toils are over.

Here is one funny story I have to share. Years ago I had a check from the church written to Odie Boggs. Their local bank would not cash it for me. None of my identification read Odie. 

At that moment, Bro. Dennis came into the bank. He greeted me with a Hi Odie. The teller said that was all the identification she needed. Bro. Dennis King knew me as Odie, and that was enough. I walked out of the bank with cash! We have laughed about that moment for years.

We had twenty years of friendship with this great man of God! It has been a blessing and honor to know him! God brought a wonderful man into our path in early 2003. God knew the friend that we needed. He was a prayer warrior and friend to our family!

Bro. Dennis is gone, but he is not forgotten. We will always remember his humor, care, prayer and genuine self. Please pray for his family, church family and friends.


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