Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Generating Low Voltage

I mentioned our ongoing generator issue yesterday and that generated some questions. Pun intended.

Main question? What is the problem?

The problem is that our generator does not produce enough voltage sometimes. It does decently well for a few hours, but then the voltage level on both sides gets lower and lower until the inverters go into error and we have no Air Conditioning or electricity for anything else.

We ran the generator for 54 continuous hours while traveling last week and for most of that time, we had enough power for one AC and almost nothing else. We certainly had no power for cooking or for hot water.

Saturday night it would not produce enough voltage for any Air Conditioning and we spent a hot night in a rest area. I got almost no sleep. That is not gonna work all summer long. Our schedule this summer is going to take us to several places where we must use the generator for power.

I emailed the generator manufacturer and the owner suggested removing the generator and bringing it to them. They would diagnose it when they could get to it. Ugh!

Another guy, who came well recommended, is not familiar with this brand of generator and felt like the complicated electrical system on our bus conversion was above his pay grade. I really appreciate his honesty. 

He did think it may be a fuel issue, the same diagnosis as Jeff Rowe, and suggested a fuel pump. I will look into that.

I have the number of another well recommended generator guy that I will try today. It is not really a problem of money. We have money saved for new tires this year and we can easily dip into that to cover the expense. It is finding someone capable and available.

Would you ask God to guide us? This is important to us this summer. Thank you and we appreciate you stopping by.


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