Friday, August 13, 2021

A Few Pictures From This Week 8/13/21

IF all goes to plan, we have one more full week near home before cranking the BoggsMobile and trying to preach a few revivals. We should launch toward northern Vermont a week from tomorrow if not earlier. 

There is not much COVID at the moment in Vermont, but it is raging a few other places we are scheduled this fall. Our itinerary will probably remain fluid for the foreseeable future.

A Few Pictures From This Week
This week has slipped through our fingers like water. Why does time dash by so quickly some days? I do not know why and I do not know where the time goes, but we do have a gaggle of pictures to prove it was not all a dream.

Luke Osborn, my nephew, was born two days before my last day as a Pastor in Wichita. We have been on the road his whole life. He is leaving for college this week and Monday was his family send off.

Thank you to my sister, Luke's Mama, Theresa Osborn for sending me the final two pictures. 

I told you we have a bunch of pictures from the week. The pictures you have seen to this point only take you up through Monday!

From there we spun off in several directions. We worked, we worked, we rested and we ate. It looks like Odie ate really good!!

That wraps up our week so far. Next week is Indoor Fellowship Meeting at Dryden Rd. We will have mostly pictures all week long.

Thank you for joining us today.



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