Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dryden Rd Fellowship Meeting and Rolling Miles

Have you seen our pictures from Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship meeting? Here are the links if you have not seen them.

It was a super great week. The crowd was down due to COVID, but that was perfectly fine. The number there seemed just right and we felt comfortable. We wore masks when close in with folks, used lots of hand sanitizer and tried to use good sense.

The preaching was excellent and spoke right into our hearts. It was timely, anointed and incredibly on point. Bro. Galiher, the day speaker, Bro. Parks, the night speaker and other visiting preachers were touched of God all week.

Bro. Bennie had us sing for most of the altar services and we enjoyed ministering so much. KJo might protest, but I think she is especially gifted to sing the right song at the right time and context. God certainly used her to sing and minister in music last week. It was a joy to watch and to feel. I am so proud of that little lady.

The music was great all week. It was a wonderful atmosphere each and every service.

Sunday evening and Monday morning were dedicated to helping a dear friend at her husband's funeral.

The funeral was for Bro. Herb Marlow. We met Herb and Samantha 8-10 years ago at Desert Cove in El Mirage, Arizona while preaching revival. Herb was from Dayton and we found that we knew a lot of the same people. We made an instant connection and have stayed in touch.

Herb passed away unexpectedly recently at 60 years old. Samantha asked our family to conduct the funeral and we were glad to do so. Jesus said He was sent to bind up the brokenhearted and I sure would like to be like Christ!

I think the Lord helped us and I believe He helped Herb's family as well. Praise God for His guidance and strength.

We are careful and respectful about taking pictures at funerals, but Odie took this one at the cemetery and I think it is fine.

Rolling Miles
Today is a special day for us. After 203 days, we are back on the road as a family in the BoggsMobile on our way to revival. We were up early at Dryden getting the bus ready to roll.

We drove 16 miles to a Walmart in North Dayton and then drove the car a few miles to the funeral. We sang and preached the funeral, ministered at the committal service at the cemetery and then hooked up the Jeep and hit the road about 1:00 PM.

We drove to a rest area on I-71 in northern Ohio for a total of 172 miles Monday. I have rested and walked and walked some more. I am trying to do everything in my power to prevent the drastic fatigue I have experienced when trying to travel the last few months in the car.

I am believing God to help us, strengthen us and guide us each and every step of the way. The bus ran great today and praying it continues! Will you pray for us? We sure would appreciate it. 

We hope to drive 2-300 miles each day and arrive in Lowell, Vermont Thursday evening or Friday morning. The meeting begins Friday night.

We may not have any cell service or cell based WIFI in Lowell. IF you do not hear from us, you will know why.

Thank you for stopping in.


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