Monday, August 23, 2021

Weekend Write Up 8/23/21

It has been an action packed weekend. I will not get around to telling you half the story, but here is a glimpse!

If I remember correctly, the weekend does not normally include the Monday before. However, we ended up with a few Monday pictures that did not fit into the camp meeting picture posts, so here they are today.

Now we skip to supper on Friday! Taco Friday!

We had planned to leave for Vermont Saturday and leisurely make our way northeast. That did not happen and here is why. 

I had been asked to preach a funeral and it was hoped that the funeral could be scheduled last week. The funeral home could not have the funeral until Monday morning so we decided to stay over. I will tell you more about that later in the week.

Since we were not leaving Saturday, Bro. Bennie asked me to preach at Dryden Rd. Sunday morning. There was no sense moving the bus so we kept the BoggsMobile parked at the church Saturday. 

Bro. Seth Cowart, an evangelist parked right next to me washed the bus for me Saturday. I could not make him quit, so I grabbed the hose and did some of the spraying and washed the wheels.

I did not get a picture of him washing, but here is one of his little girl helping!

This is Bro. Seth later in the day.

Kelly Jo worked so hard all week long and I told her I owed her a special treat. That spoke Longhorn Steakhouse right down into her spirit! That sounded terrific for me!

It tasted as terrific as it sounded!

The Lord helped us during the service. We enjoyed it very much. I am very thankful for the good altar service.

Sunday afternoon and evening was spent at the visitation for the funeral I am preaching today. Later, I went to the bus to work on funeral sermon preparation and the girls met KJo's parents for a meal and quick visit.

That wraps up our weekend. We hope to be a few miles toward Vermont by the end of the day. Pray for us.

Thank you for stopping by.


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