Friday, August 27, 2021

It Has Been A Slow Week

I say it has been a slow week and my family looks at me a little sideways.🤣

Do you like pictures on Mile Markers? I hope so. I have plenty of them for you today.

As I have mentioned, we are traveling slowly this week and I hope it prevents the horrible fatigue that traveling has caused me the last few months when I have attempted it.

Monday, we left Dryden Rd Church early and drove to north Dayton. After singing and preaching a funeral we drove onward. We ended the day at a rest area near West Salem, Ohio on I-71 for a total of 172 miles.

Tuesday we drove from that rest area in Ohio to a travel plaza on I-90 near Angola, New York, south of Buffalo. We arrived before noon after 223 miles. After walking a bit, I stretched out on the couch and then enjoyed a great lunch from KJo and decided to drive some more.

I-90 is a toll road in New York and has travel plazas sprinkled pretty generously along the way so I suspected there would be a place to park IF I arrived early enough. Less than two hours later, we stopped for the day at a travel plaza near Clifton Springs, New York. We had driven another 110 miles for a total of 323 miles for the day.

Wednesday morning we drove 235 miles to a beautiful new or newly remodeled rest area on I-87 near Queensbury, New York. 

We arrived before noon, but I was done for the day. I am trying to listen to this old body of mine, but this is a new thing for me.

I need to insert a travel note for my own information later. The last time we came this way in the bus, we took exit 27 to follow HWY 67 over to I-87. This time we stayed on I-90 past Schenectady and Albany all the way to I-87 north.

HWY 67 is about 30 miles of decent road, but through small towns. The alternate root was 47 miles in 47 minutes with no traffic. I think the interstate route that we took is better IF there are no traffic problems.

I have been snapping pictures this week while traveling and I have a few of them for you today. They loaded exactly backward in time, but that is the way the cookie crumbles. If the chocolate chips fall in my mouth, so be it!

Thank you to Bro. Brandon James for the Conecuh sausage! Wow!

We had no phone signal here on previous visits to Lowell, Vermont, but we have a bar or two this time AND we have a WIFI signal from the church! Yay!

That means we can show you pictures from our beautiful drive in Vermont and some pictures of where we are at Lowell Bible Church. Most of the drive Thursday was two lane state highways, beautiful but time consuming. We drove a total of 173 miles, but it took us five hours and 35 minutes! Compare that to Monday with 172 miles in less than three hours.😢

I saw an interesting piece of art on the way.

Lowell, Vermont

KJo's Vermont Taco shop!

We are so glad to be here in Lowell. We have service tonight, Saturday night and Sunday morning and we are excited! Thank you for dropping in.


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