Tuesday, August 17, 2021

We Must Have Cool Air!

I may be a touch spoiled when it comes to having good air conditioners all the time, but I like it cool in the summer!

We have had a few hot and humid weeks this summer, but for the most part, it has been beautiful weather and we have enjoyed it tremendously. Our bus or any RV for that matter heats up like a car and we need cool air even on mild days if the sun is shining. It gets hot in a hurry.

Our second Air Conditioner from the front is one of the originals that we had installed in November 2009. It is not only second in position but second in run time too. The third one in position runs the most. We had to replace it a couple of years ago.

The second has run a lot and I know it is coming due for replacement. Earlier this summer, it began kicking the breaker after about 30 minutes, so something is causing it to draw too many amps. Since the weather was so fine, it was no problem. The third one was cranking out cool air and in the heat of the day we would turn on the number one AC for a while.

That was working great until we had a spike in temperatures for about ten days and the third air, which is relatively new quit cold turkey! Or would that be hot turkey?

I could hear the fan was TRYING to turn, but the fan would not blow on AC, heat or fan only. Now we had a serious problem. There is no way to cool the bus with high temperatures and high humidity with neither the second or third ACs working.

It was time to go up on the rooftop! I removed the shroud and the next cover on number three and everything looked great.

There was no abnormal play in the shaft, both fans turned freely and there was no debris anywhere. The brackets on the motor were tight and the wires were fine. I had KJo turn on the thermostat. I was going to give the fan a nudge with my screwdriver, but it kicked on immediately. Ugh!

I like for things to be fixed, but I like for the issue to be resolved so that it does not quit again at a more inopportune time. I had Kelly turn it on four or five times. It only hesitated once but took right off. 

I can not access the fan from the inside if it needs a nudge. I can drill a hole in the inside cover and spin the fan if I have to.😊

I had KJo start it one last time and I put the shroud on and called it good. We have not turned it off again since then. I guess we will deal with the monster when it rears its ugly head again.

It is always something whether your house sits on a foundation or whether it sits on wheels. I could be pastoring a church somewhere and working on air conditioners, plumbing, roofs or who knows what. It pays to count your blessings!😍

Thank you for joining us for a while today. Tomorrow we should have lots of pictures from Indoor Fellowship Meeting at Dryden.



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