Friday, June 25, 2021

Another Week Passing

Another week has flown by and what a mixed bag it has been. The days have been full and we have loved being in revival services each night at our home church. Bro. Randy Webb has preached outstanding and God has ministered to us tremendously.

Yet it has not been all roses this week. Yesterday I asked you to pray for our friends that are grieving and you responded wonderfully. Thank you for that. 

I need to ask you to pray for some more friends. We received word yesterday afternoon that Sis. Bittle in Oklahoma passed away. Regular readers will remember Bro. Bruce and Priscilla Mayhan showing up on Mile Markers pretty regularly through the years. They have surprised us with visits all over the country. Sis. Bittle is Priscilla's Mother.

In fact, we are friends with several of Sis. Bittle's children and their spouses. She was a great Christian lady and her Godly influence still rings through multiple generations. She was sick and she was advanced in years, but no one is ready to lose Mother. Please pray for our friends in Oklahoma.

Now, I have a few pictures from the week for you.

Three generations of ladies.

I like this selfie that Odie snapped of her and Bro. Bennie.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate you spending a few moments with us.



  1. The pictures were great although I think little KellyJo is more than ready for a mower with an AC enclosure cab for all of that dust doesn't exactly cut it. Just the same Y'all have a Blessed-DAY EveryDay & Thanks for being in our lives with GOD !~!, the Shifletts.


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