Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Working and Washing

We just finished our second night of tent revival in Waynesville and we are enjoying the blessings of God under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. Bro. Jimmy Millikin was an instrument in the hand of God tonight and God used him to speak to us in a powerful way. We had folks that have never been inside of the participating churches in the altar seeking God and THAT is what we are trying to accomplish. Praise God for HIS help.

We have had fellowship and help from several churches in these first two nights and we sure do appreciate it. God has been helping and we expect that to build each night. If you are any where near here, please come and be with us. We plan to have church rain or shine and if the weather is too bad we are going to move inside the church. It would be great if you could come and bring somebody with you that needs to meet God. He is available!

I mentioned a few days ago that we hit the ground running when we arrived home Thursday about 2:00 PM and we have not slowed down since. There were bunches of things that needed to be done and somebody had to do it! We had planned this week for tent revival AND barn roofing so we knew it would be very busy. We have enjoyed every moment of it.

The first thing we did Thursday afternoon was remove the tent trailer from the barn with Dad's truck.

While we had it hooked up we moved it into position for tent set up and revival.

After tending to a few other things we went with Dad and Mom to Acapulco for a nice little late lunch snack! The Fajitas and the salsa might have been the best I have ever had!

Believe it or not, I have not been back to Acapulco since Thursday. It has been too busy but I plan to fix that soon!

Before we could get back to the Lazy OD Ranch we received word that Bro. Mitch Boggs and Bro. Jason Fellers had arrived with their families. They had actually been there on Monday night/Tuesday morning to order material for the roof and now they were back after quick little vacation. They were expecting the material to be delivered Friday so they came back Thursday evening.

Bro. Mitch had rented a lift for the job and it is as handy as a pocket on a shirt. First they used it to move our new chairs from the barn to the trailer.

Then they used it to remove a huge clump of trees that were growing in a huge conglomeration by an old hand dug well on the property. Dad and I were discussing earlier how we were going to remove all that mess and in just a few minutes it was gone! Like I said, as handy as a pocket on a shirt.

When that was finished they raised the lift in the air and took some pictures of the barn with the old roof.

By late evening it was time to take our friends to their first visit to Frisch's!

Friday was a big day!

Bro. Mitch and Bro. Jason along with Larado and Bailey Boggs started on the barn roof. I will have a whole post about that later.

Sometime after noon Bro. Jimmy Millikin pulled in. It sure was great to see Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Shauna and their children. We are so glad to have them with us in tent revival.

My brother Tommy came on purpose Friday to work on whatever needed to be done. I was planning to wash the tent so we almost literally dove in head first. It was a huge job and Tommy worked very hard for several hours to get it clean. Thanks, Tommy! I really appreciate it.

We enjoyed a great evening with the Boggs and the Fellers working and having fellowship. The weather was perfect, the company was perfect and the work was satisfying. Praise God for friends and His favor.

Saturday was more of the same work. The Boggs and the Fellers finished up on the barn and a whole crew of folks came to help us set up the tent. I will have more on all of that later.

Thanks for reading.


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