Thursday, May 28, 2015

A New Roof!

Tent Revival

Tent revival Wednesday night was incredible. God helped so much in the altar. We had five churches bring their Wednesday night service to the tent. The crowd was great and they seemed ready to have church from the very beginning. It was awesome.

These are the churches that dismissed and came.
Anchor of Hope
Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse
Corwin Pentecostal Church
Dodds Pentecostal Church
Full Gospel Tabernacle

Pastor Danny Morgan Jr. and House of Deliverance in Hillsboro has had people here every night. He told their folks to come if they wanted to Wednesday night. The church is over an hour away so they did not dismiss but some of their folks did come. Wow!

We also had folks from our home church and other churches too. I praise God for all of the participation from these churches in revival. It is so nice to see it and experience it.

The barn at the Lazy OD Ranch has a new topper!

Friday morning Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr. and Bro. Jason Fellers started on the barn roof. They were joined by two of Bro. Mitch's boys Laredo and Bailey. I knew the roof had a sag in it but I did not know why. When they arrived on Monday they noticed the header over the side door was broken.

They raised the roof with the rented lift.

They removed the old header and replaced it with 4 2x12s. The old barn cracked and popped for a while when it settled into its new normal but it looks great!

By the time they finished that the metal shipment arrived and they unloaded it and brought it to the barn.

It was about 1:00 PM by the time the metal was going on the roof.

It was looking good right away!

It was an absolutely beautiful day and they really made quick work of the barn roof and trim.

These folks are such professionals that we took a long break for supper and they still nearly finished the job by dark.

When this barn was sided 33 years ago the trim was never finished. Bro. Mitch and his crew trimmed the windows and doors and added some touches that really set it off.

Kelly Jo got in on the action too!

54 feet in the air.

The new roof and trim completely changed the look of the old barn. Here are some before, in progress and after pictures.

The color of the roof is taupe. Kelly Jo and I were really partial to a few of the darker colors like charcoal and burnished slate but we were a little scared of the dark colors fading. We decided to go for the taupe and I think it is perfect!

I am so pleased with the end result and I knew that I would be. Bro. Mitch and his whole family know what they are doing when it comes to metal. More than that, they care what they are doing and they make sure the work is done right. That makes me glad to pay. 

I told Bro. Mitch the barn was in pretty sad shape and he said, "That's fine. I love it when they are in bad shape. That makes me look even better when it is finished." Man, was he right. He looks like a genius!

Bro. Mitch told me a long time ago that he would help me with metal if we ever built or bought a barn but I really hesitated to ask. It is so far out here from where they live in Missouri and I hated to ask him to drive that far. It is hard to make money when your commute is 700 miles!

He ended up inviting Bro. Jason Fellers and his family to come too. Bro. Jason works some with Bro. Mitch and is also a long time friend of ours as well. It was a joy to have them in our hometown and to get to spend time with these two great families. They made a little vacation out of the trip and did a "little" work while they were at it. They acted like they were having as much fun as we were and I hope they were.

Bro. Mitch, Bro. Jason, Laredo and Bailey did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price and we are so very thankful for it. May God bless them for their hard work and sacrifice. They drove a long way to put on a roof!

Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr. and some of his family.

Bro. Jason Fellers and his family.

Thanks for reading today. 


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