Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Wound Up and Weview May 11

It was nice not to travel on Saturday. As I mentioned earlier Pastor Brent Gabbard allowed us to remain parked here this week since our next revival is so close and they have no place for us to park there. This is very unusual for us but it was nice to stay put for a second week.

Odie had a few more pictures from out last night at Bible Holiness on Friday. I will let you see those first.

Friday's service was so good that it was a little sad to close revival. It seems that God had our attention and while we were listening he spoke to the hearts of the people. Praise God that He cares for us and still guides us. He moved in the altar so great Friday night and I am so very thankful.

We rested some Saturday morning after a very late Friday night. Saturday afternoon Kelly Jo and I loaded the sound equipment in the Green Machine and drove over the mountain to Lydia Mountain Chapel. Bro. Eddie and Bro. Jordon Deane were working in the church and helped us load in and set up.

Lydia Mountain Chapel is a beautiful little church. We will have a few more pictures later in the post.

Our revival at Lydia Mountain Chapel started Sunday night so we were preaching at Sandy Bottom Holiness Church Sunday morning. We have been going to Sandy Bottom for several years and it was good to be back on Sunday. We had a wonderful Mother's Day service.

Bro. Buzzy Deane

Pastor Eddie Deane

The Sandy Bottom Church is on the west side of the mountain near Elkton. They have recently started having service twice each month in a little rock church on the east side of the mountain. They are reaching a completely different crowd so they wanted to have revival in the little rock church they are calling Lydia Mountain Chapel.

We had a wonderful first night crowd and God met with us in a very special way. If Sunday night is any indication of how good revival is going to be the the next four nights, it is going to be awesome. Praise God for speaking so clearly to us and helping us.

We plan to have many more pictures from revival later in the week. We are scheduled to be here through Thursday night. I hope you had a great Sunday. Thank you very much for tuning into the blog.


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