Monday, May 4, 2015

A Weekend Woundup and Weview May 4th

Our weekend started Thursday night for us and it sure seems like we jammed a bunch of stuff into three days. The first picture is the BoggsMobile at Trinity in Central City, Kentucky.

Right before church I cranked it up and moved it into position to leave easily after service. I also hooked up the Green Machine so we would be ready to roll. Pastor Alan Harris took this picture before church.

We pulled out of the church about 9:45 Thursday night and made a nice smooth trip to East Tennessee Luxury Coach in Vonore, Tennessee. We pulled in right at 3:00 AM which was then 4:00 AM in Vonore. It was 312 miles from Central City, Kentucky to Vonore, Tennessee. The weather was nice, the traffic was light and the BoggsMobile was ready to run. 

I slept a few hours on the couch and then I moseyed outside to see when Mr. Jeff Rowe wanted me to pull into his shop. His tire guys were there so I had them replace a valve core in the valve stem of one of my tires. It would sometimes leak when I removed the tire pressure monitors. The old core was corroded on the end but everything seems fine now.

Next I pulled into the shop for a couple of other items.

They replaced the chains on the tag and adjusted the length of them until they are now just right.

Then they replaced the coils on the leveling system.

I pulled out of the shop about 5:00 PM and hooked up the car and prepared to roll.

I knew that Knoxville traffic would be a mess at rush hour on Friday so we stopped at a Ryan's up the road and ate while every one around Knoxville made a mad dash for home. I was pretty tired from our overnight drive and the day in the shop so I intended to only drive a little pass Knoxville. Once we sailed through town I was feeling so good that we kept right on driving until a few minutes after 10:00 PM. 

We stopped for the night at the Flying J in Wytheville, Virginia after 222 miles.

Since we only had about 180 miles to go we were in no hurry to finish the drive Saturday. I let the girls rest a while in the morning and then we left about 11:00 AM. Here we are at a rest area on I-81 near the turn off to Elkton.

We arrived in beautiful Elkton, Virginia at Bible Holiness Church a little after 2:00. This is a gorgeous place and the church sits on a hill with a great view of the beauty. We love these mountains!

Sunday morning was bright and sunny.

We started revival Sunday morning with Pastor Brent Gabbard and all the folks at Bible Holiness Church.

Then it was time for the Homecoming meal and what a meal it was!

Sunday Homecoming service at 2:00 was excellent. 

We are thrilled to be in Elkton, Virginia for Homecoming revival and we are expecting God to help us all. We have already had a great weekend and we can not wait to see what the week will bring.

God bless you all.


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