Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update 4/9/11- Dothan- PepsiCola, Florida

Any Idea What This Is?

We closed revival for Bro. Parr on Wednesday and headed west Thursday. We had some business to take care of so we didn't hit the road until mid afternoon. 

We appreciate Bro. Parr, Bro. Watson and their churches so much. They have been our dear friends for years and their lives have been a blessing to us. We are so glad we were able to be in their area the last two weeks. 

The area churches supported the revivals as well. Pastor Jon Isaacs, Pastor Al Loper, Pastor Winfred King Pastor Mark Sims, Bro. Wade Green, Bro Tony Walker and others brought their families and helped in the revivals. That is so encouraging. As I travel and meet more great folks I realize how thankful I am that God has brought so many good people into our lives. I need my brothers and sisters and their fellowship strengthens me. 

We arrived at Beams of Light Holiness Church in Cantonment late Thursday evening. (I like to point out that Cantonment is just north of PepsiCola, Florida.) We parked and set up and then met Pastor Philip Deane and his precious family to eat. 

Bro. Philip had told me about a great pizza place called Tuscan Oven Pizzeria so that is where we went. It was Sooooo Good! We enjoyed the great food very much but we enjoyed the wonderful fellowship even more. We laughed until we could stand no more. 

I worked on the trailer and BoggsMobile on Friday while Kelly Jo pulled things together for vacation. That night we loaded up with the Deane's again and went to Sonny's BBQ. We had more great food, fun, fellowship and hilarious laughter. My sides were sore from laughing so hard when we went inside for the night. Bro. Philip, Sis. Deidra, Shavona and Colton are super great people and we loved spending time with them. 

Our long time friends may remember when Odie had a large tumor removed in February/March 2005. It was a very scary time in our lives. We were in revival at Beams of Light for Bro. Philip Deane when all that went down. 

We could not have been in better hands. Bro. Philip, his family and his church rallied around us and held our heads above water during those critical days. We will always be thankful for them allowing God to minister to us through them. We will never forget it. Bro. Deane earned the name "Dr. Phil" during that time and we still call him that. 

Today we are beginning our scheduled time off. We are spending several days at a top secret, undisclosed, highly sensitive location. We will emerge from our bunker to preach for Bro. Deane on Sunday night but other than that there is no preaching until the following Sunday. We are looking forward to few days of nothing but sleep.

The BoggsMobile will be staying at Beams of Light while repairs are made to the roof. The hail storm on March 27th in Dothan beat the clear coat and some paint off the roof and dinged one side of the trailer pretty bad. Ol' Mr. Cheap Jeep came out pretty well. 

We are so thankful Bro. Watson's new church escaped major damage and that no one was hurt. We are also thankful that our insurance is covering our damage. Our premium was due this week and it seemed like a small price to pay. 

God bless you all this week. We still plan to post to the blog this week so come back and see us. 



  1. The Phillips family is missing you all!! The kids have talked and talked about Bro. Davy. Rylan colored a picture and took it to his daddy and said this is for Bro. Davy. I thought it was so sweet. It usually takes Rylan a while to warm up to people. I pray you all have a restful week. We love you all. The Phillips Family

  2. Thank you so much. We miss you all too! Your kids are so precious. Give them big hugs for us and tell them we love them.
    God bless you all.

    Davy & Kelly Jo

  3. That's a squid! :) Or, for a fancier word--calamari. I've had it before and it was YUM.


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