Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Price of Oil, Diesel & Gasoline

THIS is one of the reasons I can't stand oil at over $100 a barrel. These pictures are from the BoggsMobile's most recent fill up on Thursday April 7, 2011 at Flying J in Dothan, Alabama

I usually put in 150-160 gallons when I fill up but I stopped for fuel a little early this time because my route next Saturday may not take me by a good place to buy fuel. That's the reason I ONLY bought 129 gallons.

We have short memories in America. Oil at $147 a barrel in 2008 is precisely what brought our economy to a screeching halt. Families had to choose between buying gas to go to work and paying their mortgage. Whole companies shut down their operations because the price of fuel took all their profit. The discretionary spending of most Americans was no longer discretionary, it HAD to be spent on gasoline, propane and heating oil. Our strong economy nearly collapsed from the weight of it.

Three years later our economy is still struggling. In some areas there is virtually no new housing market, no new construction to speak of at all. Home prices are still falling in most markets while the price of everything else is going up fast. The price of oil is on the rise again and in my opinion it will not have to rise to $147 a barrel to wreak havoc this time. There is a tipping point some where and I believe it is close.

The really bad part is that our dear president thinks this is good for America. In an appearance last week in Pennsylvania President Obama needled a man who asked about high gas prices and made fun of people who drive big vehicles. The truth is that it takes big vehicles for this country to survive. Big trucks, vans and SUVs are an integral part of our society. They keep products and people moving. We don't need smaller cars and public transportation, we need lower Oil, Diesel and Gasoline Prices.

Well, that's my two cents worth. That's what I had left over after I filled the tank on the BoggsMobile. Lol!!

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