Monday, April 11, 2011

Sis. Green Turns Red! - Funny iPhone Video

We met Bro. Wade and Sis. Lori Green and their family at Zoar Holiness Church back in December. They visited both of our recent revivals in Alabama at Mt. Sinai in Dothan and Lighthouse in Ozark. At Dothan they asked about the smaller picture on our CD cover below. 

They wanted to know what we were doing when the picture was taken. We were actually singing. Julie Stephens at Calotype Photography suggested we sing while she took pictures. Sis. Lori said, "Let's do that and you take our picture." They started singing but instead of snapping pictures I turned on the video on my iPhone. Sis. Lori's response when they realized what was happening is priceless. Watch and see for yourself.

Sis. Lori turned so red and it was so funny. I am glad she is such a good sport about it.
Hope you enjoy.  


  1. More videos.....that was good.

  2. Oh my, THAT was hilarious. Of course, things are especially funny at someone else's expense. Lol!

  3. HAHA! Poor lady....she didn't know you and Kelly to well, she TRUSTED you! Next time she will know better!!!! ;)
    Love you all!
    Jamie Isaacs

  4. You are so kind, Jamie! We missed you and your family when we were home for Christmas. Wish we could see you. Will you be at campmeeting?
    God bless,
    Davy & Kelly Jo


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