Monday, May 24, 2010

Kelly Jo With An Even Bigger Celebrity!

Here is another picture in the on going series of Kelly Jo with
celebrities. First she posed with The Geico Gecko, then the Frisch's
Big Boy and now the gentle, lovable and super talented Ben Isaacs.

Speaking of super talented, The Issacs were singing less than 10
miles from us on Sunday night so we drove over in the afternoon and
visited for a little while. It was good to see Aunt Lily, Ben, Sonia,
Becky, Levi, Jakobi and all the rest. Wish we could have spent more
time with them all. We think the world of the whole family but the
picture of Kelly Jo and Ben just happens to be the only picture I
snapped with my phone.

Though I'm half joking when I call Ben a celebrity, he is a very
important part of our lives. He is not only family, my trouble
shooting consultant for the BoggsMobile, our record producer, the go-
to-guy for sound issues but he is also one of our dearest friends!

I wonder who Kelly Jo will show up with next? Any suggestions?
Leave a comment with your ideas.


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