Monday, May 3, 2010

A Few Assorted Food Pictures

Hey Friends,

I am a little behind in posting food pictures. It is not that I haven't been eating well but I am usually about half way through the great meal before I remember all my friends that would like to have a picture. I tried pictures of half eaten plates of delicious food but it doesn't quite cut it. Hope you all like these.

That being said, the first picture is half of a boneless chicken breast stuffed with pork, onions, parsley and a secret blend of spices. I cut it open so you could see the stuffing on the inside. It came from the grocery in Pine Prairie the home of all the Gautreauxs and Juneaus. We have much more of food like that in the freezer for later this summer.

The second picture is a Double Jumbo from the Hickory Pit in Elba, Alabama provided by Bro. John and Sis. Heidi Isaacs. That was Quite a Cheeseburger!

The third picture is a Hot Fudge Cake from Shoney's in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.(The Best Shoney's in the World) It is in a bowl because that is how I ask for it in order to accommodate the extra hot fudge. The waitress apologized for getting carried away with the extra hot fudge but I told her it was fine, I would deal with it and I did!

The final picture is a wonderful Cheeseburger from Five Guys and Fries! Wonderful!

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  1. The hot fudge cake looks delicious!!

  2. Yes and since Kelly Jo and Odie are both on a diet I had to eat the whole thing! It was hard but I managed to do it!.



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