Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crusair condenser units

These are the three Crusair condenser units that Dad and I took out
of the BoggsMobile Monday. It was quite a job. Dad worked so hard and
it was very hot. He might be a little less enthusiastic to see me come
home next time.

My brother Tommy picked them up this morning so he could try to
sell them on eBay for me. Two of them are in great shape. I know that
if I could have found a used unit last May in Arizona and California
when one of these went out I would have been thrilled. It gets hot in
here when it's 90-100 outside. Maybe I can be a blessing to someone in
the same position and make a little money too! Keep your fingers

We started a short revival last night at Anchor of Hope near
Lebanon, Ohio last night with Pastor Bill Lamb. The Lord helped in the
altar service. Pray for us the next two nights in this meeting.

Sunday we are planning to travel to Bond, KY to preach in the
Sunday services for Bro. John Gabbard and his fine folks at Bond
Holiness Church. We are really looking forward to that. That's like
home to us and has been for years.

Take care.


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