Monday, May 24, 2010

Highway of Holiness, Hamilton, Ohio

We spent the weekend at Highway of Holiness in Hamilton, Ohio.
This was the weekend they honor their graduates and this year there
was only one. His name is Austin Griffitts. We have known Austin and
his family since he was five so we were honored when Pastor Jerry
Pascarella called and asked us to be a part of the banquet service on
Saturday night. We had a wonderful time.

Bro. Pascarella had invited us to stay for the Sunday services and
I am so glad we were able to do so. The folks from Highway have been
so very kind to us through the years and this time was no exception.
We had a great time.

The next two days Dad is helping me with some things on the
BoggsMobile. One thing we are doing is removing the old air
conditioners. One of them has not worked for over a year and the
others are not needed since I added the roof airs last fall. Thank God
for the new roof airs. We are much cooler than last year! Removing the
old units from underneath will give me a little more room for storage
which we always need.

Keep in touch. We love to hear from you.



  1. Well, I checked the schedule and it looks like you all won't be anywhere near KY for a while! :( I'm disheartened at this news.
    Also, I was listening to He Knows My Name on the way to church yesterday and Kari is now singing it. SOOO cute. No other song will do. Funny thing is....I've sang that song for years now and she only wants to hear Odie sing it. She's trying to tell me something. :)

  2. Hello from the beautiful city of Connersville, Indiana! I go to Full Gospel Holiness Church where James C. Parrett is my pastor! If ya'll are in the area this Saturday th 29th, Bro. Andy Bishop from Route 4 Holiness Church in Germantown will be preaching our youth service! We would love to have y'all with us! God bless y'all!

  3. Ashlee,
    Thanks for the kind words. Glad Kari loves Odie singing her song. Folks do tend to prefer Odie over us so we know how you feel. Lol

    We were looking for y'all last week in Brooks, KY. We will not be back in the area for quite a while. You are going half to take a road trip and come and see us. We miss the whole family. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  4. Tim,
    Thanks for the invitation. We love 10th St., Bro. Parrot, and Bro. Andy Bishop but we won't be able to make it to the Youth service. The whole reason we are in the area is for that night. My high school is having the annual Alumni Banquet the 29th and I since I graduated 25 years ago I figured it's time I attended one. That's where I will be. Thanks again though.

  5. Hmmmm....I think Colonel Sanders here in KY would like his picture taken with Kelly. He's real close to us so I can introduce. Make your way to KY quickly though as the Colonel doesn't like to be kept waiting. :)

  6. Not a problem Brother. I just noticed that you all would be in the area and thought I would invite you. Pray for us!


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