Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eugene Boggs

Today is a special day and we are actually home to help celebrate. My Papaw has a birthday today!
I can't imagine life with out Papaw. He is a wonderful husband to Mamaw, father of four and Papaw to seven grandchildren. We all love him so very much.
He selflessly gives of his time, always helping someone else. It is wonderful to have a Papaw who loves God. I love to watch him at church. God answered many prayers when He saved Papaw. I count it a privilege and honor to call him my Papaw!
Picture 1. Papaw enjoy the creek on a HOT day at Carter Caves, Kentucky.
Picture 2. Dad and Papaw in Tennessee last fall.
Picture 3. This was Wednesday night at Anchor of Hope Papaw praying with my cousin Lucas. It was a precious "Kodak" moment.
Picture 4. Today we had lunch at a Mexican Restaurant and the sang to him.

Happy Birthday, Papaw!!!!!!!!!


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