Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Visit Or Two to Ron's

I just couldn't resist posting a few pictures of our latest trips to Ron's!

Another picture for my Mother to prove I'm still cleaning my plate!


  1. One for me plez.....hold the chez!

  2. Uncle Tommy, hold the cheese?? Are you still a Boggs? You are the one that used to hide the cheese at Mamaw's, so we wouldn't eat all of it! No cheese is a sin to a Boggs! LOL


  3. True, true...I guess I've just lost my taste for cheese over the past few years (melted american/chedder cheese anyway). Now if we're talking pizza, PILE it on - that's a necessity that will never change.
    Hey, I'm Luv'n the tent revival updates - keep them coming! Praying for you guys.


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